Spending Time Outdoors Made Easy

outdoor life made easySpending time outdoors is always a great idea. The fresh air, the feeling of being close to nature, exercise, a general positive impact on well-being; the benefits are numerous and well documented.

However, life is hectic and in an increasingly digital world, there are less and less reasons to leave your home with every new technological advancement. Even if that wasn’t true, simply finding the time can be a real challenge.

Here are a few ways to ensure that you find the time to go outdoors and enjoy nature!


Commit to a Weekend

If you’re like most people, you’ve uttered some variation of this phrase: “let’s go fishing later this month,” and your partner/buddy/significant other replied, “that sounds like a great idea.” Then that was the end.

Take the next step. Request the time off, put it on your calendar, or buy the new fishing pole. Do something or several things that tie you to your plans.


Have Someone Else Commit

Once you have committed, makes sure whoever you are going with commits. You will both be less likely to cancel any plans if you know that there is someone else relying on you. You may need to semi-regularly follow-up and ensure that your plans will follow through. However, be careful with this as you may provide an opportunity for the other person to cancel.


Plan Ahead

This may seem like a no-brainer but do you actually plan for spending time outdoors with the same preparation and diligence that you plan for other things that are important to you? Probably not and you should. A well planned outing is almost always a better time than something that’s thrown together quickly. However, there is something to be said for spur-of-the-moment trips.

You don’t want to spend hours traveling followed by a couple of hours trekking just to realize your fishing license is expired or you don’t have the proper equipment. Furthermore, if you don’t prepare properly, you might be more likely to cancel plans when the date arrives or the likelihood of subsequent trips is lower because you didn’t have a great time.


Get in a Habit

People who already have a regular or semiregular trip will understand how important this is. Whether it’s the first day of dove season, the first warm day of spring, or just a week at the cabin each winter, it really helps to have something scheduled way in advance. Once you have established the habit, it’s like clockwork every time.


Remember Why You Do It

This might be the most important way to ensure that you find time outdoors. There’s a reason why you spent a few hundred dollars on hiking boots and why you installed that kayak rack on you truck. Because you love it. You love spending time outdoors and all that comes with it. The people around you love it as well. So make those plans, follow through, and when the day comes, turn off your phone and make the best of your trip.